River Connection ''The Fish Express Farm and Market'' ,by Thanida Akkavutwanich

River Connection
The Fish Express Farm and Market

My project is about…food industry in Bangkok in relationship to how we live together with the animal that is part of our food industry. I think that the way we now dealing with the food production in Bangkok and in Thailand is reaching the level where it’s not sustain.

Our Grandparents grew up in the Bangkok where food can be easily to get by the river, land ….”We are far from that NOW”. But, Infrastructure and the industry are not giving up on the chance in an active way.

So my project purposes a visionary future solution to essentially about people & animal living together, and
 also help for the food consumption. A lot of the fish in Bangkok that we eat now come from not so far away from Bay of Bangkok, but a lot of it comes from a VERY VERY far away. Everything is transported to a place like, “Saphan Pla Fish Market” in Truck. Basically, they already dead. The meat of the fishes are put in the chill truck that is sharing the road with taxi, concrete truck and other vehicles to reach not only the ‘consumer’ but the market where it get to be sold to a potential consumer. And I think today is quite observe.

So, What I purpose is to expand the fish farm Industry in Thailand where it almost non-existing and connect fish farming with the ocean and the bay of Bangkok, and the center of Bangkok.
What I purpose is to create a fish farm in the bay of Bangkok and to create a route where fish can be transport in their natural habitat, meaning the water.
A boat transport bit of ocean into central of Bangkok into large artificial lake so that would have the object of conjunction (fish) alive right there.

In order to make it possible I look at how the consumption of special fish in the market today. I start to work with Saphan Pla fish market, which is much like any other fish market. It’s quite large and it’s also right next to the river.
Therefore, what I purpose to do construct slurry wall around the whole site, and dig out the landscape and I create an saltwater artificial lake. Urban Plan : Bay in Bangkok
               I’m proposing to use furry conventional fish farming which is like large enclosing net in kind of artificial technique, and then link between this two things. By use the river craft to transport the ocean into the truck of the boat.
The ship does driving to the fish farm into the ocean and basically collects both the water and the ship itself. Explain the : Section
Then it travels up the bay of Bangkok into Chaophaya river and then more to the site. Point diagram : Urban Plan

At the interface between the lake and the Chaophaya River there are docking system where the layer of the ship is an opening merge with the water, so the fish being to transport along Chaophaya River to an artificial lake without noticing, so there is no effect on the fish itself, it alive and well in the same type of water in the lake. The lake now is fulfilling with more than ten thousand happy eatable fish that ready to be sold or catch.

The interface between the city above and the lake below is very important therefore I went through several set to play with the system and I end up on this triangular holes that was all the structure base on.

I design to keep the original Saphan pla building, to respect the existing context and also remain the later generation of the old history. However, the building have to cope with the grid system column to allow the light to get through the under ground level.

The site is design to have the pump house to control the water habitat. For example, adjust the water level, the fertilizer, and the water treatment.
The actual fish market combine of many program such as the restaurant, auditorium, diving school, fishing zone, boat gondola, etc.

The way I purpose this to work it will be a Co-op System. Where everyone co-own the infrastructure. Including, the column and the fishing Hutt system which is adaptable and can be remove and adjust due to the personal use.

Essentially, what I’m purposing is what I think it’s a sustainable future vision for how we live along with the other specie.  If we still going to consume fish and not exhaust with our ocean complete then we have to think of something new and that is what I try to do.