Project ES-Cargo : Low-cost Work & Exchange Program Solutions by Sansern Prapa-apirat

ES-CARGO: Temporary Housing for Work Exchange Program

Project ES-Cargo aims to provide opportunities for citizens to travel abroad by integrating slots for modular inhabitable units on to the existing cargo delivery system at a very low cost. Following the design of the river craft which was based on components of a grid, the terminal was created to follow the same logical system.

Just like how containers can plug-in to the River Craft, the inhabitable towers of the ES-cargo Terminal acts like a hub for plugging the the living unit containers, while the terminal acts as a plug in to the city of Bangkok itself.

By integrating the schedule of international cargo systems, The system allows for a temporary stay of international workers joining the International Work Exchange program. This allows for a larger range of affordable work experiences abroad.

The terminal itself is separated in to main towers that containers could be "plugged into" The public space and gathering spaces are designed for relaxation, and international conventions during the temporary stay