Vessel Archipelagos: Adaptive Fields for Industrial Entertainments by Eakapob Huangthanapan

Vessel Archipelagos : Adaptive Fields for Industrial Entertainments

The initial part of the project started from the study and analysis of the given river site.Given the industrial nature of the context, the Port Authority of Bangkok is a huge industrial land situated within the urban region of Bangkok. Despite its location located within the city, the port seems to be somehow isolated and inaccessible by the majority of the citizens.
After being familiarized with the site context, we were to design a river craft or a boat that would be function within our site. I personally focused my attention to the existing elements, giving special interests on the existing vessel structures and the logistic systems and routes.
The river craft acts as a smaller units or modules of the vessel grid system where the containers are being configured and arranged.

The project later evolved from my curiosity and imagination of an urban space where industrial context is no longer a place inaccessible or guarded by authority, but a new trend of space to be appreciated and leisurely used for entertainments.

Site / Urban Plan

Systems Axonometric

The re-configured vessel is the main industrial "fields" for entertainments. Its upper platform provides adaptive spaces for different programmatic plug-ins fields to be implemented and utilized. The vessel's inner space provides areas for docking and the terminal for the unit crafts to be moored and stored. Also the lobby, registration and reception for the users and people. 
With its adaptive nature of fields, three archetypes of fields are provided to give an insight of how the spaces would be like hosted by different events.
The initial three archetypes are:

I. Music & Rave field
II. Art & Cultural field
III. Festive & Outdoor Gathering field